IB Music
10th-12th Grade


(Higher Level)

(Standard Level)


Solo Only (20 minutes)
*It is highly recommended that you have a private teacher or advanced technique on your instrument.

Solo (15 minutes)
Group (20-30 minutes)

*If doing group performance, you can use recordings from ensemble concerts to fulfill the requirement.  It is recommended that the ensemble meet a certain level of performance standards.  If it does not, it is suggested that you pursue solo performance.


You must submit 3 music composition projects.  Examples include original compositions, arrangements, and music technology pieces.  Your IB music teacher will help you determine the best route to take for this section.

*It is highly recommended that you have a strong background in music theory and/or composition.

Not Required

Music Links Investigation
*media presentation comparing/contrasting 2 pieces from 2 different musical cultures



IB Test

Responsible for knowing both prescribed works.

Responsible for knowing only one prescribed work.


All IB music students are expected to sit for the IB Music test in May of their junior/senior year in IB Music.  Non-Diploma students will be testing for a certificate only.  Based on the test score, Non-Diploma students may be eligible to use the certificate for course credit at a university (provided that the university recognizes it).  Students must pay the fee for this test ($164) at the start of the IB Music Course, and it is non-refundable.

In addition, all IB Music students will participate in an online music history course.  Cost for this course is $50 per year, and payable at the start of each school year.

The majority of coursework will be done online, along with communication being done via email and the online study group.  All students are expected to meet with the entire group, in person, once a month (day and time to be decided later). 

Students are expected to maintain at least a B average in the course at the end of each semester, or they will be dropped from IB Music.